We are an Australian based equestrian business that provides a range of services from our base in Sydney. Please use our contact page to get in touch.

Training and Teaching

We’ve been working with horses and helping our clients for many years, and established a reputation in all discpline, including showjumping, dressage, and eventing as a leader in training and teaching. Our discplined but careful approach ensures all our students and their horse have a happy session and achieve their goals.

Equestrian Products and Apparel

We also stock a range of quality products including top boots, breeches, jackets, helmets and casual equestrian clothing, and a range of other great products for the true equestrian.

We also recommend our partner DappleEq for a great range of products.

Tips For Shopping Online For Equestrian Gear

The online shop that offers various horse supplies is committed to supplying the best quality products and accessories for horses at the most competitive prices. They supply a host of goods for riding events. They also offer a variety of equine supplies. They include riding apparel, gear, fly sheets and other supplements. While facilitating an enjoyable riding experience to the rider, the various products and accessories that are offered by these stores are very useful for keeping the pony healthy and active.

The internet store is the ideal destination for those who are desperately searching for horse tack. The saddle pads and saddle care items that are offered by the store are ideal for the novice riders as well. Suitable items are offered at different skill levels. Apart from equestrian training gear and riding gear, the store offers bits, bridles, harnesses, horse blankets, etc. The store ensures to provide all types of horse care products as well as grooming products.


Products of all popular brands: The internet store ensures one-stop shopping for all equine supplements. The items at this store are of numerous brands so that customers have ample choice for all the items they want to buy. Moreover, the entire range of horse supplies of all popular brands is showcased so that the riders can select their favorite brands for their horses. The store offers equestrian clothing collections of hundreds of brands, and thousands of other items are also available on the website including horse tack, equipment, apparels, and footwear. This is one of the ideal online outlets for equine supplements and healthcare products. Those who are in search of products like riding boots, breeches, helmets, horse blankets, whips, etc. can buy from the online shop for the best prices. The online shop sells all these products for its actual price.

There are certainly a large number of new online stores popping up everywhere online in Australia. There has been an explosion of ecommerce stores in the equestrian market in the last couple of years. Now you can search online and pretty well find any type of gear or brand from anywhere around the world. A brand new store that we recommend carries Le Mieux equestrian gear. You can also fine out more about Southern Sport Horses here.

Apparel and Footwear

For all kinds of equine supplies, the internet store offers the horse riders the top brands for the lowest prices. The online equestrian shop offers the best selection as well as customer service, and the prices are the most competitive. The shop has the widest selection of riding apparel for men as well as kids. The shop also offers a wide selection of Plus size equestrian apparatus. The boots supplied by the shop are suitable for the feet in all weather conditions. The online shop is the ideal destination for shopping of equestrian footwear and boots. The riding boots that are offered by the online shop are of the best quality.