Sailors, Horses & Belief

Observe all traffic first, and call out, “Exiting!” before hand-walking your horse to the door. Riding your horse out of the arena and into the stable aisle is dangerous and unnecessary.

Willie mentioned at the end of the show how important it is to the Robertson men to make their wives happy. That is quite the statement coming from a bunch of bearded duck hunters. However, maybe that is the secret to a happy marriage. Let’s take a look at how they actually did that throughout this episode.

2) The method must be safe for the horse. The horse is your responsibility. You, as his owner, are his only advocate, as he has no voice for himself. No matter how fractious the horse’s behavior, it does not deserve to be abused. If the method gets the horse hurt and he needs the veterinarian, you not only have a physical issue to overcome, but an emotional scarring as well. Do not give in to peer pressure or advice from someone, no matter how “well known” they are, if your gut is screaming otherwise. Your horse will thank you!

I use an additional tool called a hoof cradle that inserts in the top of my stand to hold that back feet while I trim them. Once trained to the hoof stand, horses like the stability that is provided for them. If the horse decides to get out of Dodge, you don’t have to be underneath, simply step back and let the hoof stand take the brunt of the action, and start again.

Throughout the history of mankind, the noble horse has fought many battles by our side to help us achieve our freedom. Do not let this holiday pass without remembering their important role in our American history, as well, because more often times than not, the horse is merely forgotten in our nation’s great history; they have become part of the background and their memory needs to be brought to the forefront.

Dressage teaches the rider to connect to their horse like no other discipline and once its concepts are understood can catapult a rider to newer awareness and proficiency no matter what discipline they choose whether it be jumping, endurance or barrel racing.

Horseback riding. The Amsterdamse Bos has several trails dedicated to the equestrian and her steed. Don’t have a horse? Learn to ride a borrowed one at one of the two riding schools on the premises.

20-year-old Tyree Causey from Houston, TX is a two-time Bill Pickett Invitational bull-riding champion and the youngest rider in his category. Causey, who earned the championship prize of a saddle and 00, is also from a family of rodeo competitors. His dad competed in bull-riding and his mom in barrel-racing (on horses).

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